Recently, Prof. Dr. Dr. Bettina Pfleiderer, the coordinator of VIPROM, had the privilege of presenting VIPROM at the Southern Europe Regional Congress of the Medical Women’s International Association (MWIA) held in April 2023, and to introduce the project to medical women from Southern European countries.

MWIA, a renowned international association representing medical women and students across all continents and eight regions, including the Southern European Region, provided the platform for the introduction of VIPROM. During her presentation, Prof. Pfleiderer emphasised the critical role medical professionals play in identifying and supporting victims of violence. With alarming statistics revealing that medical sectors encounter victims on a daily basis, often serving as the first line of response, the importance of recognising the symptoms of violence cannot be overstated. Failure to do so can leave victims feeling isolated and helpless. Prof. Pfleiderer extended an invitation to all attendees to join in supporting VIPROM. By participating in this crucial project, medical women and medical students from Southern Europe can actively contribute to the protection and care of victims.