We are excited to welcome you to our VIPROM-Blog!

VIPROM partners and guests will share their expert perspectives on topics related to domestic violence, project results of VIPROM or will discuss hot topics in the field of domestic violence.

The blog kicked-off on 28 August 2023 with a blog written by VIPROM coordinator Bettina Pfleiderer and Madeleine Stöhr from Münster University (WWU) in Germany on economic violence.

Stay tuned for the upcoming blog and check our social media. We hope that you will enjoy reading our blogs!

Dentists see more than just teeth!

Dentists see more than just teeth!

“My Dentist picked up on my problems as I was emotional on a visit last year. He handled it delicately (as did his nurse). He also handed me printed information on police, victim support, domestic abuse agencies. Even though I denied I needed them (at that time), I...

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