Sister projects

Explore the collaborative initiatives within our network by getting acquainted with our sister projects: IMPROVE and ISDEA.

The ISEDA project (Innovative Solutions to Eliminate Domestic Abuse) aims to combat and eliminate domestic violence by employing an enriched European approach, utilizing modern technological tools and practices and improved multi-sectoral expertise in its activities.

The project will develop a chatbot, which will employ empathetic language and inform victims on ways to get help and assistance, as well as give information on the different types of domestic violence, how to prevent, detect and investigate it. An integrated data platform will provide advice on how to gather court proof evidence and record trends on the nature, frequency and circumstances of domestic violence.

Through interactive learning targeting primarily police authorities, participants will develop the necessary skills to better assess domestic violence situations, respond accordingly and provide better assistance to victims. Awareness raising campaigns and education programs will aim to sensitize the general public, but also engage students, foster know-how on deconstructing toxic gender stereotypes and promote healthy relationships. Perpetrator programs will serve as a chance for positive change for those who perpetrate violence, increasing the quality of life of women and their children, of men themselves and related families and communities.

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IMPROVE stands for “Improving Access to Services for Victims of Domestic Violence by Accelerating Change in Frontline Responder Organisations”.

The IMPROVE project sets out to reinforce the fight against domestic violence by developing several tools to increase reporting and detection of domestic violence by empowering the victims to understand their rights to services and justice. Besides, it will support the police authorities, civil society organisations and other frontline responder organisations in enhancing their competencies to utilise innovative solutions which will enable and accelerate policy implementation.

Innovations produced by IMPROVE are based on applied research that constructs a pioneering conceptual approach which efficiently addresses diverse identities of the survivors, the underserved, vulnerable and marginalised individuals as well as multiple forms and situations of domestic violence.

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