Institute of Conflict Research (IKF)

Institute of Conflict Research (IKF) – Austria

The Institute of Conflict Research IKF is a non-profit association based in Vienna, Austria. The purpose of the IKF is to conduct research into political and social conflicts with an intersectional and interdisciplinary approach. Research on intimate partner violence and domestic violence is among its priority areas of research.

Paris Lodron University Salzburg (PLUS)

Paris Lodron University Salzburg (PLUS) – Austria

Paris Lodron University Salzburg (PLUS) is the largest educational institution in Salzburg (Austria) with almost 18,000 students and around 2,900 employees in research, teaching and administration. It offers a wide spectrum of educational opportunities. Students can choose from 30 different degree programmes and can make the most of the engaging, scientifically anchored PLUS study opportunities which equips them with the professional competence and the best preparation needed for their future careers.

Vienna Centre for Societal Security (VICESSE)

Vienna Centre for Societal Security (VIC) – Austria

Vienna Centre for Societal Security (VICESSE) is focusing on the analysis of security issues in a broader societal context. VICESSE operates at the interface between science, technology, law, and policy. VICESSE strives to integrate different analytical perspectives providing the basis for rigorous empirical and theoretical academic studies alike. The VICESSE mission is to link security solutions to the everyday world of citizens and giving them a critical voice in security research.